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Specialists in obtaining information
to reduce risks

We are an independent strategic consulting firm of corporate intelligence that offers efficient, honest and disruptive solutions aimed at anticipating and mitigating the risks.

What is the Strategic Consulting of Corporate Intelligence?


Intelligence Bureau is committed to developing long-term relationships with clients based on trust, by offering a high-quality intelligence service focused on four key aspects:


Focus on obtaining concealed information:

We do not perform financial audits, we do not base our reports exclusively on Big Data technologies, we are not involved in surveillance, and we do not carry out our work based solely on computer forensics (CF). We specialise only in one thing: ethically, legally and discreetly finding information of actual value to our clients.



Our approach to intelligence has little to do with stereotypes. The information superiority we offer our clients is obtained using the highest ethical and professional standards, always in compliance with local laws, meaning our reports can be scrutinised by stakeholders and courts at any time.

We offer a clear outline of our proposal and the way the project will be implemented, whilst all results are presented in an attractive, highly visual systemand a unique working methodology that allows continuous interaction with the client.



Since 1990, our clients have helped us build up a solid company of prestige thanks to the challenging tasks they have entrusted to us and their commitment to making intelligent, responsible use of the information we have provided.

Our brand responsibility means we are highly selective when taking on new projects, giving priority to challenges in which we can deploy all our potential to clients referred by our regular client companies, offices and institutions



Fully aware of the importance of not knowing everything but rather of “knowing who knows”, we are experts in establishing outstanding trust-based relations with third parties in order to broaden and supplement the activities which make up our main business.

This international intelligence community is made up of leading academics, members of the police and intelligence services, renowned journalists and prized personalities from the world of the judiciary and institutions.

Our target sectors:

Activity aimed at business leaders (C-Suite) from:

» Listed Companies

» Family groups

» High wealth individuals

» Investment funds

» Law firms

» Institutional investors