Intelligence, strategy and influence at any stage of our clients’ business relationship with their stakeholders.

Before, during and after relationship.

Strategic Intelligence

We help business leaders to identify and obtain valuable information which will give them a head start and put them in an advantageous position in their decision-making.

Our bespoke solutions also look to minimise risks when operating in environments where disreputable businesses and governments present operational challenges.

Our intervention is key in situations such as:

» Business collaboration agreements and partnerships.

What does the business leader I wish to sign an agreement with really think?

» Keeping ahead of competitors.

How can I know their strategy and goals and their strengths and weaknesses?

» Equity and business disputes.

How can I get an assessment of their positions?

» Management of digital identity attacks.

Who is behind this smear campaign?

» Power relationship maps: businesses, governments and regulatory bodies.

Who actually holds the power?

» Influence over stakeholders.

If I knew the interests of collective groups which prevent my business from developing, could I achieve better results?

» Strengthening business relationships.

How can I positively influence the person I am looking to do business with?

» Tenders and bids.

Why is my company repeatedly overlooked by the Administration?
What are the keys to ensuring my bid wins a competitive tender process?

Corporate Investigation

All companies are susceptible to suffering the consequences of fraud and disloyalty. It is therefore each division’s responsibility to have a suitable compliance programme to control and implement the measures needed to prevent, detect and investigate any type of irregular activity.

Intelligence Bureau offers effective, creative and proportional solutions to supplement the responsibility of C-level executives and compliance and anti-fraud departments, as a way of identifying the people involved and determining the facts in order to minimise risk, recover losses and/or protect corporate reputation.

Our investigation services include areas such as:

» Breach of non-compete clauses.

Could the worker be involved in another project that is incompatible with the agreement signed?

» Information leaks/Disclosure of secrets.

Who leaked confidential company information to third parties?

» Challenges to arbitration.

Are there any reasons to believe the arbitrator did not act independently?

» Monitoring of hostile platforms.

Am I negotiating with the right person? What is the group’s real agenda in the negotiations?

» Investigation of corruption.

Are my employee’s professional relationships with third parties based on illicit enrichment?

» Electronic evidence.

How can I obtain legally valid proof from the information stored on computers, mobile devices or in the cloud?

Integrity Due Diligence

Trust but verify

Integrity due diligence is designed to obtain credibility and solvency indicators for people and businesses, based on valuable strategic information for companies.

» Incorporation of a new Board Member.

Is there any conflict of interest in the appointment?

» Merger and takeover operations.

Is there any key negative information I should know about the company I’m looking to merge with?

» Management of counterparts.

Is there any other adverse information I should be aware of about the partner I want to sign an agreement with?

» Control and knowledge of my subsidiary.

Can I trust the managers who are heading up my company?

» Appointment of a senior manager.

Does the candidate’s professional background suggest deficiencies I should be aware of?

» Money laundering prevention policy.

Where did my potential partner get his or her fortune?

» Internationalisation processes.

Do you know the possible risks of associating with different lobbyists?

Digital Investigations

In an ever-more digitised environment, technology plays an increasingly important role in resolving conflicts and situations of informational inferiority.

Unlike many of its competitors, Intelligence Bureau focuses on the “Investigation” aspect of digital cases – indeed our professionals in this area are not just experts in technology but also, and more importantly, investigators, with most of them being former police officers or intelligence personnel.

Our digital investigations focus exclusively on what our clients really need, thus avoiding useless, costly routine processes which bear little relation to the requirements of the case.

Our digital services include:

» Digital forensics investigations.

Is computer forensics possible when the company’s information is stored in cloud computing environments?

» Crisis management and reaction to data breaches.

What is the source of the different threats and slander on social networks and in blogs and forums that are putting my company’s reputation at risk?

» Corporate digital counterintelligence.

Could my electronic devices be compromised through malicious software or hacking?

» Social media analysis.

How exposed/visible are my personal data on the Internet and social media?

» Electronically stored evidence media services.

Are there any forensic procedures to correctly acquire WhatsApp conversations?

Litigation and Arbitration support

We work with law firms and in-house legal teams in order to identify and compile the information needed to support the legal strategy or to gain an advantage over adversaries.

Drawing on our experience as corporate investigators, police officers, forensic accountants and computer forensics specialists, we design and implement bespoke investigation plans based on the legal strategy followed by the client.

What we do:

» Obtain and analyse information and raw data to determine their probative value

» Know the ethical solvency of the opposing parties and their witnesses

» Identify the true interests of witnesses

» Interview confidential sources to uncover information when public records are unavailable, not useful or non-existent

» Investigate the perceived impartiality of arbitrators and experts

» Track and locate assets

» Uncover concealed links between subjects

» Recover and analyse data files using forensic computer methodology

» Provide support in cases of breach of shareholder agreements

Asset Tracing

There are many ways to conceal and, therefore, track assets. In such cases, it is hugely important to determine the type of asset to be located and then demonstrate its ownership, always aware that the least obvious cases can often be the most relevant.

Our research is justified in cases where the concealment of assets is sophisticated and the economic damage caused is very large. In these cases, our performance has been able to detect assets such as:

» Assets, deposits, property and boats enjoyed by the party under investigation which are owned by a third party

» Companies in which the investigated party is a de facto director but not a de jure director

» Works of art loaned to galleries and special exhibitions

» Links to controlling companies identified through web domain log records

» Offshore oil concessions found in documents submitted by the company under investigation

» Shipment of valuable goods documented in bills of lading

We have the experience, creativity and tenacity to maximise the chances of success whenever the assets are held by parties in civil processes, sovereign assets or assets which have been concealed by a senior executive relieved of his or her position.