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Conquering secrets,
our raison d’être

Juan de la Torre

Founder and Chairman

“Changing the status quo by preserving the essentials. I believe this has been the true key to our success. Although we have never stopped exploring and betting on a different way of doing things since 1990, it has been personal integrity, challenge culture, creative passion, proportionality principle and reserve duty, the values that have really constituted our essence and motor.


Miguel Ángel de la Torre


After more than 25 years in a dynamic environment in which the company has continually reinvented itself, the Intelligence Bureau team now combines an extensive range of professional profiles and divisions of expertise through which we can build fully multidisciplinary work teams which, along with the use of innovative tools, allow us to treat all cases individually.


Eduardo Martínez

LATAM Director

Offering our clients security and reassurance as they progress in Latin America, where uncertainty can be an everyday occurrence, is our goal and the nature of our business.”


Jorge González

Technology Director

Challenges have always been our greatest motivation, and innovation in investigation in digital environments allows us to deal with cases from multiple perspectives to find the best solution in line with our clients’ current needs.”


Ana Jaime

Finance and Internal Control Director

“Objectifying the company’s strategy to obtain valuable information in the decision-making process is the cornerstone of the management control division. We work on optimising resources and continuously improving processes”.


Jessica Vega

Communications Director

We take on the challenge of communicating differently, in a way where creativity and ingenuity –both present in our corporate culture– drive us to seek out new channels and to design personalised actions to connect with our stakeholders and allow them to live the Intelligence Bureau experience.”


Raquel Serrano

Business Development Division

In Business Development we work to ensure our clients count on an increasing number of enhanced solutions based on valuable information. Knowing their needs and concerns is only possible through a relationship based on trust”.


Thanks to this team, along with the project directors, analysts and investigators, at Intelligence Bureau we turn human intelligence into our biggest competitive advantage.