choose us?

Our activity is based on a differential business model in which the following aspects, amongst others, converge:


Reputation comes before business. Our task is not always realizable. This may be because the likelihood of success is too slim, or because at that time we do not have the necessary resources, for ethical or economic reasons, or as a result of failure by the client to accept our procedures.

Team instinct

Our analysts’ investigative and test validation instinct, along with the exceptional human intelligence skills of the rest of the team and partner network, are based on a radical commitment to the values of Intelligence Bureau: personal integrity, culture of challenge, creative passion, duty to preserve secrecy, and principle of proportionality.

Unique method

Based on an in-house intelligence cycle, in which we can highlight three aspects:

  • Focus on meeting the real needs of our clients
  • Security and confidentiality framework for all projects
  • Innovative delivery of results on simple visual media to ensure understanding of complex situations and structures.


We care about prestige, not fame. Having always shied away from short-termism, our efforts and dedication mean we now enjoy the respect and recognition of leading members of the legal and business community, as well as important figures in academia, institutions and the police

Strategy & Influence

We know how to connect intelligence to actions of influence and strategic communications. To do this, once we have reached the intelligence requirements and have mapped and classified the different agents, we build arguments and design direct and indirect communication and lobby actions in line with the defined strategy.