Specialists in intelligence
for strategy and influence

Intelligence Bureau is a leading corporate intelligence consultancy firm in Spain, specialising in business issues which may involve a series of specific legal, economic, media or reputational circumstances, in addition to intelligence and investigation for mitigation of risks.

What is Corporate Intelligence Consultancy?


Intelligence Bureau is committed to developing long-term relationships with clients based on trust, by offering a high-quality intelligence, strategy and influence service focused on four key aspects:


Focus on hidden information:

Unlike other agents in the intelligence and investigation sector, our work is bespoke and qualitative, focusing on sensitive questions which are of most interest to our clients, and which form the basis for subsequent influence actions.



The information superiority we offer complies with the highest ethical and professional standards, always in keeping with the law.

We work closely with the legal and compliance departments, and our reports can be scrutinised by stakeholders and courts at any time.



Since 1990, we have consolidated our position as a prestigious firm in the legal, business and financial spheres. As a result, we only take on projects which 3 are entirely legitimate, which help us to deploy our full potential, and/or which are for clients who share our work philosophy and methodology.



Fully aware of the importance of not knowing everything but rather of “knowing who knows”, we are experts in establishing outstanding trust-based relations with third parties in order to broaden and supplement the activities which make up our main business.

This intelligence community is made up of influential people in government institutions, PR and public affairs,etc.

Our target sectors:

» Entrepreneurs

» Chairpersons and Boards of Directors

» Businesses – C- Suite: CEO, Compliance Directors, Internal Auditors, Legal Consultants

» Family Office

» High-Wealth individuals

» Funds

» Law firms

» Institutional investors